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Buhrmansdrif is located on the Benadeplaats farm. The farm Wagendrift is close by which also provide crude material for the plant. It is located 15 kilometers from Mafikeng on the Zeerust road.

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Products Available at Buhrmansdrif

  • Calcite
  • Grasstop 10 K (blend of 90% calcite and 10% gypsum by volume)
  • Grasstop 20 K (blend of 80% calcite and 20% gypsum by volume)
  • Grasstop 40 K (blend of 60% calcite and 40% gypsum by volume)
  • Feedlime fine (Less than 1.7mm, bulk, 1 ton bags or 50 kg bags)
  • Custom blends (any custom blend can be made to order)