Marico Lime

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Marico Lime is located approximately 20 km south of Zeerust and produces a high quality exceptionally fine strong dolomitic lime. The lime reacts well with acidic soils because of it's fineness which is 98% finer than 250 micron.

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Products Available Marico Lime

  • Dolomite microfine (at least 80% less-than 106 microns)
  • Grasstop 10 D (blend of 90% dolomite and 10% gypsum by volume)
  • Grasstop 20 D (blend of 80% dolomite and 20% gypsum by volume)
  • Grasstop 40 D (blend of 60% dolomite and 40% gypsum by volume)
  • Custom blends (any custom blend can be made to order)
  • Gypsum (crushed and screened)
  • Cal-Dol (a blend of 50% Buhrmansdrif calcite and 50% Marico dolomite)