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Bastion offers a range of top-quality agricultural lime products and services designed to improve soil fertility and increase crop yields.

We're committed to quality, starting with carefully selecting lime from three different plants strategically located to meet various soil needs in different agricultural settings.

Our products include high-quality dolomitic and calcitic agricultural lime variants, formulated to meet the specific needs of farmers and cultivators. Whether you're dealing with acidic soils, looking for superior calcitic options, or need custom blends for specific crops, Bastion has a solution for you. Our offerings include:

  • Dolomite Microfine
  • Grasstop variants
  • Custom Blends
  • Cal-Dol
  • Gypsum
  • Feedlime Fine
  • Nutcal

Operations Overview

Britten Operation

Britten is a leading producer of high-quality dolomitic and calcitic agricultural lime, strategically serving grain-producing regions. It is located halfway between Bloemhof and Christiana in the North West Province.

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Buhrmansdrif Operation

Buhrmansdrif benefits from the proximity of the nearby Wagendrift farm, providing essential crude materials for the plant. The plant is located 15 kilometres from Mafikeng on the Zeerust road.

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Marico Lime Operation

Marico Lime produces high-quality dolomitic lime, renowned for its exceptional fineness, ideal for effective soil acidity management. Marico Lime lies 20 kilometres south of Zeerust in the North West Province.

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