Bastion proud sponsor of the NWU Precision Farming Congress

Bastion was one of several sponsors of the recently held Precision Farming Congress, hosted by North West University on 6 April 2019.

The congress, hosted by the School of Agriculture, focused on the latest developments and applications in agriculture. Sustainable precision farming in practice, the economics of precision farming and the use of climate information to determine production risks were some of the topics discussed during the congress.

While the uncertainty of 2019’s crop yield due to weather conditions remains on everyone’s lips, speakers shared strategies for staying ahead of the game. Some of the game plans included: being able to use data gathered to make informed decisions; having a solid farming strategy and being able to execute it; and being able to survive in the uncertain economic times of our country. Farmers were also warned to take the outbreak of frost into consideration when making decisions.

The congress was very well-attended and the speakers included recognised agri thought-leaders such as Vincent Sequeira (Greenway Farms), Jaco van Dyk (Proagria) and Wiam Haddad (ZZ2).

For more on the event, click here.